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Business Loan, LAP

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<span class="cf1 ff1">Business Loans, </span><span class="cf1 ff1">LAP, </span><span class="cf1 ff1">Loan against property, </span><span class="cf1 ff1">NPA Finance, </span><span class="cf1 ff1">Restructuring of Loans, </span><span class="cf1 ff1">Loan for bad credit

SDM Financial Services guides for business loans, lap etc. at lucerative terms for the eligble business units.

The business loans are provided against mortgage of non-agricultural properties in accordance with scheme of the lender Banks and Financial Institutions.

Normally, no Bank, FI or NBFC provide loan to the NPA Businesses or their guarantors.  However, the Restructuring of Loan Accounts is possible under the RBI norms.

The restucturing is considered as a method of resolution of the financial crisis faced by a Loan Account, where the unit is running may be at low level, it is standrad and having satisfectory track records, the level of activity can be improved with injection of more funds, the restructuring or loans may be possible, subject to satisfection of the lender to the viablity of the funds.  Though, the rules provide for various schemes of restructuring even for resolution of NPA Accounts, but the Banks, now a days, hesitate to acceed to the Restructuring Proposals submitted by NPA Accounts.

The other methods of raising funds for the business, include internal borrowings from the friends and relatives, private finace by strategic partners or investors or the issue of share capital or debentures in case of a public limited company.  The rate of interest is risk based, but normally the interest is charged in the range of 9.5% to 11.5% p.a., whether the loan is availed from institutiaonal or from the private financers and but one must see that such interest is  charged on the reducing balance.  The 'reducing balance'  is the balance which is reduced upon payment of each of the installments in the loan account.  The other method of interest calculation is based on the 'Flat Rate Interest' system, which is deceptive and deterimental to the rights of the borrowers.  In this case, the borrower continues to charge the interest on the original principal amount, even after the receipt installments on account of repayment of loan, till the loan is fully liquidated.

We, at NPA Doctor provide advisory facilities upon the possibilities of raising funds for the standrad as well for NPA Accounts.

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