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NPA Resolution

npa account resolution

Services that we offer

1. (a) NPA Doctor is a rare initiative of an ex-Banker having 35 years of vast Banking experience of which about one decade of seasoning at Stressed Asset Management Branches (SAM Branches) of State Bank of India, dealing with high value NPA accounts and administering the actions contemplated under the SARFAESI Act, RDBI Act, DRT Act, Companies Law, Indian Penal Code or under the like Acts to force recovery from the NPA Accounts.

2. (a) SDM Financial Services is our sister concern that provides services in the sort of arranging eligible finances at very reasonable terms and interest rates to the deserving Companies to help them to rehabilitate or to better their liquidity position.

(b)  These loans range from Rs.10 crore to Rs.100 crore against collateral of non-agricultural immovable properties and in very deserving cases even without any collateral, as well.

3. Besides, we arrange for the following two types of voluntary Audits for the SME and Large Business Enterprises;

(a) Dry Forensic Audit.  A dry Audit means, which is not an actual Audit, but a simulated pre-Audit to prepare an organization to remove errors and demonstrate better in the Actual Audit.

It is always advisable for the High Value NPA accounts to get the dry forensic audit conducted to know their short comings likely to be detected by the Banks, Courts or in Insolvency Proceedings at DRT or NCLT, later on.  This enables timely and systematic rectifications for strengthening Restructuring Proposals attaining of peace of mind and avoiding criminal proceedings.

(b) Administrative Procedures Study.  We study and advise the short coming observed in the Administrative Structure and prevalent work culture in the Company.  This aims at finding out the executive time & corporate resources being wasted, along with our advice to streamline those processes.  This process is also known as Reverse Engineering of Corporate Administrative Processes.  This process has assisted the large corporates a lot to fight with NPA issues by improving their work culture and staff efficiency.

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For details, may contact at:
mobile: 83606-96178  
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How we resolve NPA Accounts ?

1. We help our clients by invoking provisions for their defense available under different Acts & Rules.

2. Extract business information, financials etc & ascertain the reasons of default.

3. Indepth studying the Loan Documents, Title Deeds etc vis-à-vis the SARFAESI Notice served by the Bank to ascertain its legal defects. This enables to file a strong objection petition.

4. The legal matters will be handled properly by the experts and this enable you to gain time & also to concentrate in generating business income.

5.   We work with highly acclaimed Advocates and start implementing defense strategies in your favour.

6. We hold meetings to find out the way for resolution with Banks.

7. Our forceful strategies uplift your morale & level in the negotiation meetings with the Banks.

8.   We also assist in legaly & strategically handiling the cases of police complaint lodged by the Banks.

For details, may contact at:
mobile: 83606-96178  
email :

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