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Helping the NPA Borrowers 
The first meeting is Free*

* The eligibility crieteria is 

1. You are within the jurisdiction of DRT Chandigarh or NCLT Chandigarh
(i.e., the States of Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, HP or J&K) 
2. Your loan exposure is Rs.15 cr. or more.

Advocate for NPA Accounts

Orientation for meeting

It is essential policy to have details prior to setting up a conference.

Please brief the stage & issues in  your NPA account, along your name and position in the Company by submitting the form below.

We must  fix the objectives of discussion.

Can the issue be fixed via e-mail or quick conversation rather?

We render high-class professional service resolve the NPA Accounts of clients.

We are here to solve all your worries

Please submit your brief.