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Map of Karnal District 

Karnal is an oldest District of the State of Haryana  in India.  Karnal, is called the rice bowl of India, because the finest quality Basmati rice shelling mills are  concentrated in this area.   The city of Karnal was set up by the Emperor Karna, during the era of Mahabharta. Karna was the eldest son of  Maharani Kunti.

Karnal also  got its publicity  in 1739 when at this place Nadir Shah defeated Muhammad Shah.  

It is a walled town. The Marhattas were established in Karnal during 1785. The Emperor Gopal Singh of Jind seized it during 1863.  Followed by the struggle between the Marhattas and the Sikhs, the Marhattas finally wrested it from Raja Bhag Singh of Jind during 1795 and handed it over to the George Thomas, who supported them in the fight.   Then  Raja Gurdit Singh of Ladwa obtained possession of Karnal. It was captured by the British in 1805.   and made over to Muhamdi Khan (Mandal). 

The ancient Fort is a historical monument here and it is popularly called Kot Mohalla (Kot means Fort). This fort was constructed by King Gajpat Singh of Jind.  The British converted this fort  into a residence for Dost Mohammad Khan- the Amir of Kabul; while a School and a Jail were also running in another part of this fort.

Some of the dignitaries are also associated with the city of  Karnal.  Late Dr. Kalpana Chawla was an Indo-American scientist & NASA astronaut, she was born in at Model Town, Karnal.  The first Pakistani  Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was also born in Karnal.  Mr. Manohar Lal Khatta, the BJP Chief Minister of Haryana too belongs to Karnal.

Today, Karnal is also famous for manufacture of agricultural implements and production of finest quality of Jeeri crop that is shelled locally as Basmati Rice and exported in many countries.

DRT Advocates & NCLT Lawyers in KarnalLiving in KARNAL

Karnal is a beautiful City with most of the modern amenities available locally.  It is a peaceful and good place to live in.  If you compare Karnal with Gurgaon, life in Karnal is slow, easy and the people are more connected socially to each other.

Karnal Main Post Office Pin Code is 132001.

This is the Karna Lake in Karnal.

In Karnal there is a Municipal Council that takes care of the Civil Facilities in the City.

Karnal enjoys the benefit being situated on the G.T. Road and in the middle of the State of Haryana.  It is easy to move any part of Haryana from Karnal within a couple of hours.  On the one side of  Karnal its in  proximity to Chandigarh.

Boating is one of the main attractions at this lake. Accommodation facilities are available in the  form of camper cottages or motels. There is  a restaurant, a bar, a gift shop and a fast food counter besides a fruit juice corner, the first aid dispensary, banking counter, a conference hall and a banquet hall adjacent to the lake.

The prices and cost of living in Karnal is also lesser viz-a-viz the metro cities. There is huge price difference in things that one buys from Karnal in compare to the metro cities for day to day use. Also the things are available at nearby places so one needs not to spend much on transport.

Karnal comprises of a olden city, which is a walled city and the architecture is of olden times with narrow streets and old type closed houses.  The modern colonies in Karnal are developed by HUDA in the shape of Sectors on the design of Chandigarh, which is a planned part of the City.  Here the houses are built with map approved by HUDA with adequate open spaces in the front and rear portion of the house and the streets are widened.

The source of employment in the city of Karnal besides government jobs is the industrial jobs in Rice Shelling Mills or Agricultural Implements Units.  The markets in Karnal are developed, educational institutes for technical and post-graduate disciplines are available locally.  The good restaurants and malls are also there in Karnal.

Karnal is a place of District Courts and Mini-Secretariat.

Another added advantage of the location is  that Karnal is situated approximately in the midway on Delhi- Chandigarh highway.

Karnal Ancient FortThe Chhachhrauli Fort, Karnal

The Karnal Fort is an old fort situated in the district of Karnal. This fort was constructed by Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind in 1764 AD. However, now this fort has been turned into an accommodation for  official and residential purposes of the Tehsildar.  This is also called Chhachhrauli Fort. 

Chhachhrauli is a little town in District of Karnal. Once, it was the official capital of one of the India's 562 princely states.

Chhachhrauli castle was constructed by the King of Kalsia about 250 year ago, it contains three main segments, a large throne room, a large and safe Treasure Rook (Khazana) and a large Welcome Room - the Reception.

Its walls are painted with high quality of paint which was in fashion at the olden times.

Color and shines are still giving a fresh look. The walls of the fort are painted / engraved with information for tourists, pertaining to the important railway stations, train routes and timings along with some of the important sceneries of Kingly times including pictures of holly Churches and beautiful  flowers.