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Our Unique Services for Borrowers

npa consultation - bank's fault
Strategic Correspondence 
Facing the Bank, Reviewing the Accounts, Business continuity planning and examining declaration of  NPA, assessing lapses of the Bank, helping OTS

We provide strategically drafted letters and notices for onward communication with Banks and other related parties to our clients to prepare evidences to strengthen their defence.

In addition to this, we advise upon the banking and accounting entries and balance-sheet of our clients to secure their position in the likely actions by the Bank.

We examine if the Bank has  classified an account as NPA, strictly in accordance with RBI Prudential Norms and reserve our action to challenge the Bank's at an appropriate time.

Ultimately, we help you to keep the Bank on hold till a favourable OTS is secured and the loan is settled in compromise with the Bank.

rebutting the SARFAESI notice
Strongly Rebut the SARFAESI Action
Drafting reply to 13(2) Demand Notice, 13(4) Notice, Section 14 - DM Application for police help We provide legal armor to rebut High-handedness.

The SARFAESI Act is a complex and it provides huge powers to the Banks & NBFCs for recovery of NPA Loans. 

The Banks have to approach the Courts for getting possession and selling the mortgaged properties under section 13(4) of the Act.  Banks can even approach the District Magistrate for police help u/s. 14 for taking physical possession of the mortgaged properties.

The borrowers or third parties aggrieved of the action of the Bank can approach DRT.  Even, the powers of Civil Courts are barred under Section 34 of the SARFAESI Act. 

We hand pick the clients to defend them from high-handedness of the Bank in the garb of SARFAESI Act.

Assisting the Lawyers in Court
Researching latest guidelines
Law researchers finding latest instructions & judgements, Prime Lawyers- an associate law firm, helping lawyers to strengthen your case

Our law researchers work day and night to find out the latest instructions of your lender Bank, the Reserve Bank of India, the Ministry of Finance as well the updated judgements of Hon'ble Courts to help the lawyers to strengthen your case arguments.

We have a renowned law firm- Prime Lawyers, as our law partner.  It is a brand law firm having 9001:2015 certification at its creditability.  This makes the specialised services of advocates always accessible to us to examine different aspects of the client's issues.   

The Law firm lawyers have expertise in their respective practice areas of law viz. NPA & SARFAESI Act, DRT & DRAT, IBC & Company Law, NCLT, Consumer Law, Civil/ Criminal law etc.

Removing your stress of NPA loan

NPA Doctor deals the problem of Loan Defaults legally, technically and strategically. It's Master Consultation DFY (Done for you) business model.

Even when the loan is classified as NPA due to bank's fault, the rebuttal is not effective without insider knowledge of bank's working

Hence, a good 'Banking & NPA advisor' must know the internal procedures, practices and accounting system followed by the Bank in NPA accounts.  The non-banker parties can enjoys this rare privilege by enrolling for consultancy services of 'NPA Doctor'. 

At NPA Doctor, our ex-banker professionals with rich practical experience of handling NPA accounts, processing restructuring proposals, preparing applications, replies and arguments in DRT cases and invoking the SARFAESI Act for recovery in NPA Accounts.

In NPA consultancy job, our professionals do all the  groundwork and extract best of the evidences to the best DRT lawyers to strengthen the court cases of our clients.  This approach will bring forth the illegalities committed by the lender Bank,  and is likely to go a long way in providing the borrowers a strong defence to justify their cause of action.

How is it that 'NPA Doctor'
is the Best consultant
for resolution of  NPA Accounts & defending in SARFAESI Act

Getting a loan sanctioned from bank or NBFC is very common. Anybody, a CA, your friend in a Bank or an online telemarketers can assist in getting a loan approved.

What, if the loan installments are not paid and Bank declares it as NPA or starts coercive action under the SARFAESI Act.   Banks have specialised Loan Recovery cells in the name of SAM (Stressed Assets Management) in SBI or ARB (Asset Recovery Branch) in PNB and under different names in different Banks.  The officials are trained in loan recovery law and assisted by a team of dedicated lawyers, valuers, detective agents and enforcement agencies, etc.

On the other hand, the provisions of SARFAESI Act are rarely known and provide unfettered powers to the Banks.

In this game of legal knowledge and logical interpretation of facts, you can win only by following  super-specialised authority in banking practices & loan recovery laws.  Your advisor must  have practical experience in Banking & Recovery of Loans and the lawyer be specialised in these fields of knowledge and The SARFAESI Act, as well.

NPADoctor is set up in 2015 as an advisory service for resolution and settlement of NPA Loan Accounts by Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain,, CA-IIB, LL.B (Gold-medalist),  after leaving the job from SBI SAM Branch as an Officer.  Presently, a practising lawyer for NPA Accounts and SARFAESI Act matters in DRT (Debt Recovery Tribunal) Chandigarh,  he knows ins and outs of the game, the psychology and outlook of Bank Officers and the pains of the borrowers as well.  He has experienced every new safeguard used in defence by the shrewd lawyers & borrowers.  
That's why the 'NPA Doctor' can be trusted to be the  best NPA Advisor.

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