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We love excellence to add value to our work

Our success lies in the success of our clients.  Our loyal clients get a feeling like a member of the family.

Working Process
This explains the qualitative and result-oriented style of working, the quality statement and work culture at NPA Doctor. We expect the clients to meticulously follow the system to reap maximum benefit from our action oriented legal intelligence.

Our founder is having a great back-ground in High-value NPA Resolution & Loan Settlement, He is an ex-Officer from SBI SAM Branches.

Our mission is to reduce the NPA Level in the Country.  For this, we step into the shoes of the Banks and the Borrowers both to understand from where the shoe pinches and start working for the client to resolve the NPA problems.

For this purpose, we minutely study the historical trends in the account statements, the Security Documents, the Title Deeds of mortgaged properties in addition to conducting physical inspection of the secured assets.  We also go through the correspondence files, SARFAESI Notice File and the files of Court Cases filed by and against our client.

Based upon our studies, a Account History Sheet is got prepared in the  a structured tabular format, so that all the vital information must always be available at finger tips and at no point of time the vital information is skipped.  With the latest cloud-based information technology, the information  in encrypted form is shared with clients in the real time.

Our team of professionals, that includes lawyers expert in various fields of law are closely working with ex-bankers, Chartered Accountants and intelligent business, strategic & digital marketing consultants to fulfill the ever growing needs of industrialist, corporate clients and the Banker clients.  Our foremost effort is to run the unit, even if it is NPA.  This specialized combination helps not only to settle the NPA Loan but also to regenerate the income sources to enable our clients to re-stand in life.


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