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Top SARFAESI Act Consultant - Adv. Shakti KUmar Jain

Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain, Advocate, as previously served State Bank of India (SBI).  Mr. Jain is a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF)*.   

During the year 2015, he took voluntary retirement from SAM Branch** of State Bank of India.   He served the Bank for 35 years long.   Being remained insider, he has experience the true inner picture of working in the recovery branches of any bank vis-à-vis their strengths and weaknesses.

He imparts guidance to the hi-value NPA accounts PAN India and safeguards the client's interest in the SARFAESI Action.  The clients seeking consultation are small and medium enterprises (SME).

As in case of Banking client, he provides them better consultation for recovery of dues.  Normally, the Cooperative, Small and medium Banks or NBFCs seek such expertise.


*  The IIBF established by Reserve Bank of India and is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance , Government of India that imparts education in banking and finance.

** SAM stands for Stressed Assets (NPA) Management. SAM Branch is a super specialised vertical within State Bank of India, to manage the high value NPA Accounts of Rs.10cr above. It is the Office, which takes the hard recovery actions like taking possession and conducting sale of mortgaged properties of high-value NPA accounts, under the SARFAESI Act, filing of police / CBI complaints, declaring the wilful defaults and also declaring the NPA loans as fraud. Here, the compromise OTS are initiated and processed. As the SAM Branch is to make hard recovery efforts by dealing with loan defaulters, the purpose and working at SAM branches entirely differs from retail or commercial branches of the Bank. It is the place where many pressures as allowed under the law are given to the defaulters to initiate recovery in NPA accounts.

Bank issues a 13(2) Demand Notice in SARFAESI Act

File logical & legally sustainable objections u/s 13(3-A) of the  SARFAESI Act.  A strong reply makes future grounds not only to rebut the  13(2) Demand Notice of the Bank, but to make a solid ground for filing SA in DRT or CWP in  High Court,  as well.

Bank files Sec.14 Application to seek Police Help from DM

On the basis of  strong objections filed against 13(2) Notice of the Bank,  also file a Caveat before the DM / CMM and get ready with a strong petition to rebut the Bank's prayer for permission of  DM permission for police help u/s. 14 of the SARFAESI Act.

Bank takes Possession or  publishes Auction in Sec. 13(4)

Get the Bank restrained from taking possession or conducting Auction by illegal means in the garb of SARFAESI Act .  Strategically drafted Reply to 13(2) Demand Notice in the past,  helps in filing srong SA in DRT / CWP in High Court to pray Stay against the Bank. 

We focus 'NPA Loan Settlement' 

Our founder is an Loan Settlement expert ex-SBI Officer

We have a team of professionals, lawyers expert in various fields of law working in hand to hand with expert ex-bankers, Chartered Accountants and brilliant business, strategic & digital marketing experts working in coordination with each other to provide all round benefit to the ever growing needs of industrialist and corporate clients.  This specialized combination helps not only to settle the NPA Loan but also to regenerate the income sources to enable our clients to re-stand in life.