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Third party disputes in Sarfaesi Act

Disputing third party claiming right in mortgaged property

Third Party disputes
under SARFAESI Act

Third parties aggrieved of the SARFAESI Act are who are neither the banks nor the borrowers, nor the guarantors nor the auction purchasers. These are the tenants, purchasers, possession-holders or stake holders in one way or the other in the mortgaged properties for which 13(2) or 13(4) action is initiated by the Bank.

Some Examples of Third parties
aggrieved under the SARFAESI Act

  1. Tenants 
  2. Lawful Possession holders 
  3. Co-sharers 
  4. Adverse Possession holders
  5. Members of HUF
  6. Other interested parties in the property
  7. Actual owners, in case some body else has mortgaged the property to the Bank on the basis of duplicate & forged Title Deed
  8. Other Auction bidders, who feel defrauded in the SARFAESI Auction 

The Good news is that
At NPA Doctor we help
the third parties under SARFAESI Act, as well

claiming rights in the properties mortgaged in NPA Accounts, where the Bank has invoked the SARFAESI Act.
 The third parties should not delay to claim their rights lest it's too late.

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