We work in a unique & innovative style
All NPA Accounts tell their own story
Hence, our strategy differs from client to client

This explains the qualitative and result-oriented style of working, the quality statement and work culture at NPADoctor.  We expect the clients to meticulously follow the system to reap maximum benefit from our action oriented legal intelligence.

Advocate for NPA Accounts

Our founder - Adv. Shakti Kumar Jain, is an ex-SBI SAM Branch Officer, well-known Hard-recovery and OTS compromises

Being an ex-banker, he is an insider and knows detailed procedures, actual practices and the strength & weakness of the Banks.

We have a team of professionals, lawyers expert in various fields of law working in hand to hand with expert ex-bankers, Chartered Accountants and brilliant business, strategic & digital marketing experts working in coordination with each other to provide all round benefit to the ever growing needs of industrialist and corporate clients. This specialized combination helps not only to settle the NPA Loan but also to regenerate the income sources to enable our clients to re-stand in life.


We welcome clients, but due to constraint of time and COVID protocols, please come with prior appointment only.

We Understand the pain of inability to repay  loans, when the Banks are adding  fuel to stress.

NPA Doctor legally and strategically resolves NPA Accounts.

We Stand Up For Empowering The Week

In the battle of NPA, the Banks overpower the Companies.  No matter how honest your are and how long you have served the interest and loan installments, after being classified as NPA, the SARFAESI Act like provisions bestow un-fettered powers for recovery of loans through out of the court processes, like taking possession of mortgaged properties and putting those on e-auction under section 13(4), after an eyewash exercise of Demand Notice under section 13(2).

We know the inside secrets of Bank's working and legal short comings of its procedures.  We stand up to empower our clients and to boost their confidence to negotiate at equal level with their Bank ... know more ...

Helping Tenants, Auction Purchasers etc.

'NPA Doctor' assists the third parties too, who are neither borrowers nor the guarantors nor mortgagors, but are victims of Sarfaesi Action initiated by the Bank. 

These include the auction bidders / auction purchasers, or those who have acquired a bona-fide  interest  in the mortgaged property by way of lease, tenancy, purchase or gift etc.,  and due to none of their fault, the Bank is snubbing them.  with hostile actions or unfair pressures.

These parties,  deserve safe, fair and secure environment, but when these are missing, they may not know where to go.  'NPA Doctor' helps to hold the Bank accountable so that these innocent parties can stand up for what they deserve without fear of unfair consequences.

NPA Banking is relates to hard recovery in loans & thus differs from the courtsey you have enjoyed in retail / SME branches of the Bank.

It's time to stop the old way of thinking and start hand-picked guided action in the right direction to safe-guard your interests.