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Advocates for DRT Chandigarh
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Business Loan, Sarfaesi Act, DRT, Debt Recovery Tribunal, OTS, Loan settlement, top advocates for DRT,  NCLT & High Court,
What is npa, Meaning of NPA, NPA Account, NPA Resolution, NPA Management, Rights of mortgagor, Auction of mortgaged properties, Bank auctions,
Auction purchasers,  Non-performing assets, an NPA Consultant or Sarfaesi Act Consultant?
'NPA Doctor' is the unique service
that legally helps
the borrowers, guarantors, mortgagors
and the auction purchasers, as well,

What do you think if a Loan Account turns to NPA due to Bank's Negligence or Fault?

Let the NPA & Sarfaesi Act Experts
under the guidance of renowned ex-Banker to handle the delicacy of this situation
Don't stake your hard earned business reputation
C A U T I O N !
by ignoring, delaying or tackling the situation at your own
just to save the professional costs of experts
to approach the wrong people will prove to be a wrong and false economy
that may prove more than closure of the business.
To safeguard the your interest
the assets mortgaged in NPA Accounts
from the operaion of Sarfaesi Act
please consult
ex-officer from the SBI (SAM Branch)
seasoned in administrtion of hard recovery law & procedures.
 Don’t stake your business reputation..

Contact for help today

   Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain
   Banking, Credit, NPA Resolution & Sarfaesi Act Consultant
     (Ex-SBI SAM Branch Officer)
    Call: (91) 83606-96178
     email: npadoctor@gmail.com
Timings: 11am to 2pm / 4pm to 7pm

Why ‘NPA Doctor' ?
NPA Doctor’ s providing the services that others don’t provide. The team  ‘NPA Doctor’ not only consists of the best Lawyers & Advocates, expert in handling DRT, NCLT matters but also the renowned Bankers having experience and exprertise in the procedures of Credit, Loaning and handling of large value NPA Accounts.
Knowledge of Law + Experience in Procedure and Administration of Loans and NPA Accounts ensures a higher degree of success.
When a business man takes the loan, the Bank completes the multiple formats of documentation to bind him in case of need.  This documentation is one-time creation by the Central Legal Cell of the Bank in consultation with experts in functional Banking.  This loan documentation takes care of the broader possibilities that may exist in case of default, wilful default or fraud by the borrowers.  But this does not take care of all the possibilities as are responsible for a loan to be classified as ‘NPA Account’ for example errors and lapses including fraudulent intention or illegal dealings by the Officers representing the Bank, etc.

‘NPA Doctor’ helps the week party who is aggrieved of the illegality, high-handedness or non-cooperation by the Banks.
‘NPA Doctor’ is the name of specialized service that procedurally defends the lawful interest of following type of non-Bank parties in the proceedings initiated by the Banks under the SARFAESI Act or Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC) or the criminal proceedings initiated under the provisions of Indian Penal Code (IPC):

1.   Borrowers including Corporate Borrowers;

2.   Directors of a Company including those Directors who have furnished   
the personal guarantee in the account of a limited Company;

3.   Guarantors including Corporate Guarantors;

4.   Mortgagors including Corporate Mortgagors;

5.   All the parties against whom a Demand Notice under Section 13(2) or a Symbolic Possession Notice Section 13(4) of the SARFAESI Act has been issued by the Bank or the Bank has taken Physical Possession under Section 13(4) of the SARFAESI Act or the Bank has moved an application for permission / police protection u/s. 14 of the SARFAESI Act before the District Magistrate (DM) or the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM).

6.   The non-bank parties in the Auction of mortgaged properties by the Banks under the SARFAESI Act;
(a)  The Borrowers, guarantors or mortgagors including Corporate Borrowers, Corporate Guarantors or Corporate Mortgagors, these are the parties whose properties are being put to Auction by the Bank under the SARFAESI Act;

(b)  The Auction Purchasers, these are the parties who are bidding to the public auctions or are entering into the Private Treaty with the Bank to buy the mortgaged properties being auctioned by the Banks.  Everybody knows, that an Auction Sale is a very week Sale, which is subject to challenge during the process of auction and also after the process of Auction is complete. Once the Auction money is received, there remains a least interest of the Banks in helping in the cause of Auction Purchasers or the purchasers or those who have paid money in part or in full to buy an Auction Property.
The NPA Doctor, by the providing the timely legal advice safe-guards the interest of the Auction Purchasers as well.

Don’t stake your business reputation..

Contact for help

  Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain
  Banking, Credit, NPA Resolution & Sarfaesi Act Consultant
    (Ex-SBI SAM Branch Officer)
   Call: (91) 83606-96178
  email: npadoctor@gmail.com
Timings: 11am to 2pm / 4pm to 7pm

Expert in Sarfaesi Act  
कड़ी मेहनत से स्थापित 
अपनी कंपनी की प्रतिष्ठा को 
जोखिम  में न डालें.
एन.पी.ए. खातों में गिरवी संपत्तियों (मोर्टगेजेड प्रॉपर्टी)
को बैंकों द्वारा सरफेसी कानून के तहत कब्जे से बचाने हेतु
भारतीय स्टेट बैंक (सैम शाखा) के पूर्व अधिकारी से सलाह मशविरा करें.
अनुभवी बैंकर एवं कानूनी माहरों के टीम केस स्टडी उपरांत
आपके बचाव हेतु कानूनी रणनीति तय करेगी तथा
आप के बचाव का कार्य शुरू कर देगी.
अपनी कड़ी कमाई की व्यावसायिक प्रतिष्ठा को दाँव पर मत लगाओ।
एन.पी.ए खातों में बंधक गिरवी संपत्तियों में 
अपने हितों की कानूनी रक्षा के लिए, 
सर्फेसी एवं रिकवरी कानूनों की
प्रक्रियाओं की पेचीदगियों में अनुभवी, 
एस.बी.आई. (सैमब्रांच) के 
पूर्व-अधिकारी से परामर्श करें।
कानूनी मदद हेतु सम्पर्क करें:
NPA Consultant
श्री शक्ति  कुमार  जैन
बैंकिंग, क्रेडिट, एन.पी.ऐ. समाधान & सर्फेसी एक्ट के सलाहकार
भूतपूर्व-अधिकारी - स्टेट बैंक ऑफ़ इंडिया (सैम ब्रांच)
मोबाइल: (91) 83606-96178
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ईमेल: npadoctor@gmail.com

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