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What is NPA?

What is NPA Doctor?

NPA Doctor is the "One Stop Solution" to help the Banks and the borrowers
by freeing both of them of all the worries caused by the NPA Account(s) and helps in preparing DRT matters as well.

Loan for Business

NPA Doctor also arranges the Lap (Loan against property), business loan, project finance, npa finance, restructuring of loans.  Notably, no Bank, FI or NBFC in India finances the NPA accounts.  Thus an account with bad credit history despite having the viable plans, once it is stamped as NPA, its fate is to die for want of funds.  

It is the NPA Doctor, which, under its unique and innovative approach, helps the NPA accounts to revive; thereby saving the national resources, the GDP and the employment of thousands of private sector employees, besides saving the forex resources invested in importing the costlier plant and machinery.

Here, the processing of 'Loan Proposals' is very fast, and the process is hazel-free.  The rate of interest is also very genuine that ranges from 11% pa to 12% pa.

What is NPA?

'NPA' in the layman language refers to the defaulted loan accounts in a Bank or Financial Institution.  Abbreviating for non-performing asset, it means any Loan/Asset of the Bank that ceased to perform or in simple words generating interest income for the Bank. A non-agricultural Loan Account that remains continuously in default for a period of 90 days or more is classified as "Non-Performing Asset" & termed as NPA Account.

Effects of NPA Accounts

The rising number of NPA accounts spoil the Balance Sheet and liquidity position of the Bank.  The accounts are migerated to SARB or SAM Branches by SBI, ARB by PNB, its Reocvery & Law Cluster by OBC, etc, as these outfits are specialised in taking the strong coercive / legal action against the defaulters which inclued the confiscation and sale of the mortgaged properties under the Sarfaesi Act.  On the one hand the Bank comes under stress due to increased NPAs and stress is viral as it spreads from the Bank to the borrower and then to the mortgagors and guarantors as well. The productivity, employment and state revenue is badly affected and the recyclable funds of the Banks are blocked which adversly affects the new start ups.
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The Services of 'NPA Doctor' at a glance'

NPA Doctor provides business loan to ensure continuity of the viable business and thus saves them from the Sarfaesi Possessions by the Banks.

  • Where the Bank fails its duty of restructuring the Sick but viable units, and the account becomes NPA, the NPA Doctor steps in for help by providing NPA Finance.

  • Where the Banks are wrongfully taking the law in their own hands or abusing powers vested under section 13(4) of the Sarfaesi Act, it is the NPA Doctor that stands by the Companies and advises the legal safeguards.

  • Thus NPA Doctor is not only playing a constructive role for the betterment of Indian Banking System and the Companies, but it is also boosting the production, the commercial activity, the revenue of the State and above all securing the jobs of thousands of innocent industrial workers.
Why NPA Doctor?
'NPA Doctor' is a super-specialized Legal-financial consultation service for the resolution of NPA accounts.
Even many of the Bank Officers, who do not handle the loan accounts with due care and caution, they are not only increase the NPA of their Banks and are making the recovery more difficult in the NPA accounts they are managing, but some times, though inadvertantly,  commit unauthorised acts giving rise to the criminal consequences under the law. Here starts the role of NPA Doctor.  NPA Doctor is that super-specialised consultation and execution agency that lawfully and authoritatively safeguards the interest of its clients .
We help the Indian economy by the Companies with NPA Account to revive and also the Banks ...
For Banks it is the 'NPA Doctor' that paves a way for lawful and risk-free recovery, whereas, the legitimate business interest of the Companies having NPA Accounts is being safe-guarded under various recovery laws including the Sarfaesi Act, by the 'NPA Doctor'.
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How 'NPA Doctor' is a unique brand?
An intelligent Querry.
It is because, 'NPA Doctor' is an initiative of renowned NPA-Resolution Expert Mr. S. K. Jain, an Ex-Banker having a gooddeal of field exposure of working with SAM  (Stressed Assets Resolution) Branches of State Bank of India.  Mr. Jain is a seasoned expert having 35 years Service Experience of working with State Bank of India, to his credit.
Innovated entirely new concepts to boost the strength of weaker party -  the NPA account holder, equalises the 'negotiaing equation'.

Loan Settlement Service

OTS - the One Time Settlement of Loan

The NPA Doctor boosts the negotiation power of NPA Account holders and provides funds for reaching One Time Settlement of Loan in the Accounts.with the Banks.
A stitch in Time saves the nine...
It is always advisable to Contact us at e early stage when the account is likely to be classified as NPA.   The early advice and action will strengthen your case in a more better way, as it increases the chances for more waiver in loan settlement under OTS.   In case the Business is  to be continued, it is always better to start the damage control exercise as soon as possible.
NPA Consultant
 Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain
 Banking, Credit, NPA Resolution & Sarfaesi Act Consultant
 (Ex-SBI SAM Branch Officer)
Call: (91) 83606-96178
How the NPA Doctor helps the Borrowers?
top sarfaesi act advocate
 Certain things that the Banks Never want the Borrowers to know.
While taking possession or unlawfully auctioning the Mortgaged Properties in NPA Accounts in the garb of SARFAESI Act, the Banks often tend to keep certain information secret from the promoters & guarantors in NPA Loans. This includes the procedural lapses & abuse of powers by the Banks under The SARFAESI Act, while taking Physical Possession of the properties mortgaged in an NPA Account or putting those mortgages on Public Auction, for recovery of dues.
It is the Sarfaesi Act experienced, ex-Banker Consultant, who acquired deep knowledge through his ground work under the Sarfaesi Act, that includes the issuing of Demand Notice u/s 13(2) &  taking possession u/s 13(4) in addition to defending the Bank in Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT).

Only an experienced NPA Consultant is able to minutely observe and lawfully argue these points in a more better way.  
Engage the Team NPA Resolution, now
#NPADoctor has a team of experts includin Chartred Accountants and specialist Advocates
to jointly handle the issues faced by NPA Companies.
Loan Settlement

The Team NPA Doctor assists you to lessen the stress.
The team provides specialised  legal defence in High Value NPA Accounts.
at various legal platforms  like DRT, DRAT, CDR, BIFR, NCLT  etc.
NPADoctor strategically  saves the assets mortgaged in NPA Accounts,
from being confiscated/ auctioned  under the SARFAESI Act.
NPADoctor prepares the proper reply / objections on behalf of the  borrowers
upon receiving the Demand Notice of Banks u/s 13(2) of the SARFAESI  Act.
The proper and strategic formation of this reply is very important
as it makes the basis for further defence for the npa borrowers under the law.
Don't Stake your Reputation!

stay against sarfaesi act
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Bad credit loans
Start the loss-repairing strategy before the account is declared as NPA.
Therefore, please don't be lethargic in contacting the professional consultant.
A stitch in time save the nine.
Wishing you the prosperity!

Partner in your scuccess!

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