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About us

The NPADoctor is a Consultancy Firm expert in Resolving the High-value NPA and AUCA Loans, by providing 'One-Stop solution for all the worries in NPA Accounts'.

The Team NPADoctor has sucessfully experimented entirely  new traits for peaceful recovery in the high value NPA & AUCA  Accounts, which have benefitted the both, i.e., the Banks and the Borrowers.

NPADoctor has tied up with a vatern lawyers specialised in the field of SARFAESI Act, RDBI  Act, DRT Act, Company Law and Recovery Laws, besides the Civil and Mechanical Valuers, Security Agencies, Enforcement Agencies, ARCs.  The  present recovery mechanism is suffering of Banking Bureacracy and has  faults in the very roots of the policies and procedures, for the reason  the NPAs are growing year by year.

About the Founder: The NPADoctor is an initiative of renowned NPA-Resolution Expert Mr. S. K. Jain, an Ex-Banker having a good deal of field exposure of working with SAM  (Stressed Assets Resolution) Branches of State Bank of India.  Mr. Jain is a seasoned expert having 35 years Service Experience of working with State Bank of India, to his credit.

Mr  Jain has innovated entirely new concepts to peacefully resolve the NPAs and was honoured for the achievements.  According to him, some errors on  part of the Banks  at the initial stage like excessive formalities,  bureacracy in Sanction, delay in disbursement and reluctance in providing  nursing to the genuinely sick units etc, are the causes for increasing NPA.

Mr. Jain has a logical and legal outlook to peacefully resolve the complications in the sensitive and disputed issues involved in the recovery from defaulted accounts

Mission:  To  contribute our best to make the Indian economy rich strong and the  Banking system 'Free from NPA' with an ultimate aim to boost Cross  Domestic Product (GDP) by protecting the Indian Industry, encouraging  the entreprenuers and increasing employment opportunities for the  working classes is our pious mission.

Aims and objectives:  The  NPA Doctor is the site to provide managerial, legal and strategical  consultative services to the businessmen, whose business has flopped due  to some reason and are not in a position to pay off their debts,  consequently their accounts have been or likely to be classified as NPA.

Based  on its Study & Research Work conducted in Resolution &  Reduction of NPA without any adverse impact on the Industry,  Employment& GDP the Consultation Services will be offered to the Government & the Banks as well.
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