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Learn how to choose a right 'Banking & NPA advisor' to do the groundwork to assist the Lawyer by unearthing evidence of the Bank's illegalities, as it is likely to go a long way in justifying your cause.

Learn, How to choose an NPA & Banking Advisor and a DRT Advocate for handling NPA Loan, SARFAESI Act, and related Matters? 

Only the right advisor will tell how, when & where to give a stroke to break the opposite strategies. Compromising upon fees on a good advisor may cost you cheap, but it is a dear and false economy, that may cost heavy.

Don't stake your image and repent later on.

What are the borrower's rights in an NPA Account?

What is the procedure of the SARFAESI Act?

What are the rights of secured creditor under the SARFAESI Act?

Don't miss consulting the best NPA SARFAESI DRT consultant for a right stroke at a right time  

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How 'NPA Doctor' is the Best 
for NPA Resolution & defence in SARFAESI Act

Getting a loan sanctioned from bank or NBFC is very common. Anybody, a CA, your friend in a Bank or an online telemarketers can assist in getting a loan approved.

What, if the loan installments are not paid and Bank declares it as NPA or starts coercive action under the SARFAESI Act.   Banks have specialised Loan Recovery cells in the name of SAM (Stressed Assets Management) in SBI or ARB (Asset Recovery Branch) in PNB and under different names in different Banks.  The officials are trained in loan recovery law and assisted by a team of dedicated lawyers, valuers, detective agents and enforcement agencies, etc.

On the other hand, the provisions of SARFAESI Act are rarely known and provide unfettered powers to the Banks.

In this game of legal knowledge and logical interpretation of facts, you can win only by following  super-specialised authority in banking practices & loan recovery laws.  Your advisor must  have practical experience in Banking & Recovery of Loans and the lawyer be specialised in these fields of knowledge and The SARFAESI Act, as well.

NPADoctor is set up in 2015 as an advisory service for resolution and settlement of NPA Loan Accounts by Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain, B.com., CA-IIB, LL.B (Gold-medalist),  after leaving the job from SBI SAM Branch as an Officer.  Presently, a practising lawyer for NPA Accounts and SARFAESI Act matters in DRT (Debt Recovery Tribunal) Chandigarh,  he knows ins and outs of the game, the psychology and outlook of Bank Officers and the pains of the borrowers as well.  He has experienced every new safeguard used in defence by the shrewd lawyers & borrowers.  
That's why the 'NPA Doctor' can be trusted to be the  best NPA Advisor.


Do you precisely understand the meaning and effects of NPA?

What do you mean by an NPA?

What is an NPA and example?

What is an NPA and its types? 

How is an NPA calculated?

Why Banks declare NPA?

How a stressed account can be saved from becoming an NPA?

How Banks recover dues from NPA Accounts?

What is NPA provisioning?

What safe-guards the RBI has provided from classification

of NPA after demonetisation, G.S.T. and during COVID 19?

The answer to the like questions helps us to understand the exact nature of NPA Accounts & the recovery process followed by Banks in NPA Loans.

'NPA Doctor' is founded by  an ex-Bank Officer, presently a practising lawyer in DRT / High-Court Chandigarh.   Having worked at ground-root level with hard-recovery branch of a premier Bank in India, the founder of 'NPA Doctor' knows the minute  practical details in the recovery process ought to be followed by Banks.

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Ex-Bank Officer with practical exposure to NPA Resolution & SARFAESI Act knowing ins & outs of the game

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NPA Consultation is the 'action oriented' one to one & time consuming service, meant for  those who afford to pay for it.

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We are a team of legal experts working under guidance of an eminent experienced lawyer expert in Banking Law & practice -  Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain  Having specialized in resolving Banking Law disputes, NPA Accounts, the SARFAESI Act, the Companies Act.  Our learned associate advocates are appearing  in The Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), The High Court & The NCLT.

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What to do, if Bank wrongly declares NPA? 
if a Bank files an Application before The District Magistrate (DM) or The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) for Permission & Police Assistance u/s.14 of the SARFAESI Act?
if a Bank unlawfully takes possession of property under SARFAESI Act
if a Bank doesn't follow the SARFAESI Rules for auctioning a property?

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