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We are a team of legal experts working under guidance of  an eminent Banking Law strategist.  Having specialized in resolving Banking Law disputes, NPA Accounts, Sarfaesi Act, Companies Act and litigation in Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) & NCLT.  We expertly handle appeals in  DRAT, NCLAT and the High Court, as well.

Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain, in 2015 after serving 35 years in State Bank of India, initiated providing legal assistance to the high-value corporate through ‘NPA Doctor’.   During the last decade of his service with SBI, he has expertized at SAM Branches*  and also won prestigious performance awards from State Bank of India.

What is the SAM Branch in SBI ?

* SAM (Stressed Assets Management) is a super-specialized outfit, wherein the SBI migrates high-value NPA accounts for initiating hard recovery action. This includes taking possession & auctioning the mortgaged assets under the SARFAESI Act,  Filing recovery suits (OA) in DRT or invoking the jurisdiction of NCLT.  Besides this the detective work, the forensic audit exercises are conducted to find out the incidences of fraud. The proceedings are initiated to declare the borrowers as non-cooperative / willful defaulters as per RBI guidelines.  Besides this the complaints are filed with police authorities or CBI for investigation from the angle of fraud or misappropriation of stocks and other valuables by the NPA borrowers. 

Professional Arrangement with Law Firm

We have an arrangement with Prime Lawyers, a multi-specialty law firm and having a network of expert lawyers PAN India.  We  are also providing consultation & legal strategical services to our high-value clients in many major cities across the country.

Our team knows the accurate procedures,  strengths and weaknesses of Banks & its Officers.  We know where to use which magical words to mend the high-handedness of these Officers.  We provide tailor made innovative solutions depending upon  circumstances of the each of our clients.

Besides, helping the Corporates, ‘NPA Doctor’ also provides Total Solutions to the Banks, whereby, we take total ownership of the bucket of NPA accounts pertaining to an area or an industry  for initiating unified recovery action at all the fronts (i.e., DRT, DRAT, NCLT, NCLAT, District Courts & State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission etc.), besides providing services under the Sarfaesi Act, as well.

This site is really built with you in mind  by gathering multi-speciality professionals under a roof and we hope you will find it useful.

Your comments or questions are of course welcome.


How to rebut the Notice received under Sarfaesi Act?
Dealing with Section 13(2) Notice in Sarfaesi Act ..
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Dealing with Section 13(2) Notice in Sarfaesi Act ..
IS your business NPA? Has the Bank issued a Demand Notice under section 13(2) or a Possession Notice under section 13(4) of the Sarfaesi Act? Then this service is foryou.
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