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About us

NPA Resolution Experts

  1. 'NPA Doctor' is a team of legal experts working under guidance of an eminent Banking Law strategist. Having specialized in resolving Banking Law disputes, NPA Accounts, Sarfaesi Act, Companies Act and litigation in Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) & NCLT. We expertly handle appeals in DRAT, NCLAT and the High Court, as well.
  2. About the Founder - Mr. Shakti Kumar Jain, in 2015 after serving 35 years in State Bank of India, initiated providing legal assistance to the high-value corporate through ‘NPA Doctor’. During the last decade of his service with SBI, he has expertized at SAM Branches* and also won prestigious performance awards from State Bank of India.. Click to know more about the SAM Branch in SBI!
  3. Our aims & Unique working styles - Our aim is to resolve the NPA problem. For this we protect the interesgt of clients, while helping them to resolve NPA problem.  
  4. 'NPA Doctor' for helping the NPA Borrowers - We advise the borrowers to find out the best possible resolution in their NPA  accounts.  This may lead to updation of their account from NPA to Standard or to lead them for a compromised One time settlement (OTS) of Loan.   Try it now!
  5. 'NPA Doctor' for helping the Banks & NBFCs - This is a new and revolutionary concept to help the Banks, Financial Institutions and NBFCs in quickly resolving the High-value NPA Accounts by conducting Sergical Strike and breaking down the obstacles created by clever defaulters.
  6. Bank or borrower, both are our clients ? -  Interesting. Our aim is to resolve the NPA Accounts.  For this,either the borrower may engage us or the Bank may engage us.  We have the expertise to safeguard the interest of any of the parties to loan or e-auction.   If Bank is the client, we work to get maximum recovery by means of various legal modes available, ie., by filing recovery suits (OA) in DRT, by defending the Bank in SA filed in DRT or vacating the stay obtained by the  borrower, guarantor or any third party.   If Borrower is our client we exhert to delay the possession of mortgages under Sarfaesi Act and to utilze the time gained to negotiate with the Bank for reaching amicable OTS (One Time Settlement) of  NPA Loan.  
  7. Services for Auction-purchasers - We guide the investors how to safe-play while participating in e-Auction of mortgaged properties.  We see the title of auction properties vis-a-vis completion of formality under the Sarfaesi Act, so as to obviate the likelihood of future disputes by the mortgagor.  We also draft bid-applications on their behalf, arrange digital signatures for them, train them how to bid and get the properties valued or money arranged for participation in the bid.  We guide them how to buy the mortgaged properties at cheap.  We also help the Auction-purchasers if they are caught in litigation and their funds are strucked.